Nicholas Ind

Nicholas Ind is een veelgevraagd spreker op het gebied van brand management en innovatie. Ind is managing partner en schrijver bij Equilibrium Consulting, een consulting bureau gespecialiseerd in brand management. Daarvoor leidde hij IconMedialab’s brand consultancy in Zweden. Voordat hij bij Icon terecht kwam, had Ind zijn eigen branding consultancy in Groot-Brittannië, was hij director van een designgroep en was hij een account director bij een reclamebureau.

Nicholas Ind is auteur van elf boeken waaronder ‘The corporate image’ (1990/1992) – geselecteerd voor business boek van het jaar, ‘The corporate brand’ (1997), ‘Inspiration’ (2004), ‘Living the brand’ (2001/2004/2007) en zijn nieuwste boeken ‘Brand desire’ (2016) en ‘Brands with a conscience’ (2016).

Ind heeft voor veel verschillende bedrijven opdrachten gedaan, waaronder Adidas, Mexx, British Council, Unilver, The Economist Group en Unicef. Hij is ‘en av Europas främsta Varumärkesexperter’ (een van de meest voorop lopende branding experts in Europa). Journal of Brand Management beschrijft Ind als ‘a heavy weight’.

Een van zijn opdrachtgevers beschrijft hem als volgt: “He has been well prepared and delivered great presentations on important and innovative topics. His presentations are well thought through, scientifically grounded and communicated in a very clear and concise manner. Nicholas’s excellent rhetorics and presentations skills also makes him very interesting to listen to” (Magnus Sørdal, Board Member, Trondheim Marketing Association).


De onderwerpen waar Nicholas Ind voor te boeken is zijn de volgende drie:

Living the Brand
Successful brands are about imagination. These are the brands that inspire us. These are the organisations we feel emotional about; the brands that we trust. Yet stimulating imagination among employees and customers is hard. In this presentation, Nicholas uses examples such as Patagonia, Greenpeace, Adidas and The Economist to demonstrate how memorable and powerful ideas can build employee involvement and commitment. The companies that succeed at this, benefit in terms of higher productivity, enhanced financial performance and greater intellectual capital.

Branding and Sustainability
This presentation argues that branding is important because it creates value. This is about having a clear and authentic ideology. The challenge for most organisations is to build sustainability into the culture and everyday actions of the organisation. That requires commitment and participation and an adherence to principles. The presentation shows how organisations such as DNV GL, Tony’s Chocolonely, Patagonia and Unilever have built responsible and principled brands that also deliver long term brand value. The cases connect with the book, Nicholas co-edited called ‘Brands with a conscience’.

Building Brands Together
This presentation shows how companies can involve consumers and other stakeholders through online communities and events to build brands. The presentation shares the results of research from the book, ‘Brand together’, which features the findings from an online consumer community that involved 236 consumers over 52 days. This shows the expectations and largely intrinsic motivations of consumers. The presentation also draws on published research among business organizations that shows how companies approach co-creation.

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